The idea of Infrastructure as Code was definitely one of those “duh” moments for me when I first heard the term and definition. It just makes sense. From the beginning of my career in IT I have seen the constant battle of trying to keep up with the changes and maintenance of systems and it is a daunting task for the best of us, let alone for simpletons like me who can’t remember more than two things at any given time.

IaC (infrastructure as Code) does take a different mindset. Different from the IT hero days where the common answer was “Ask Tim, he built that years ago”, to a defined approach for deploying and maintaining systems, but it is an approach that has rewards. Rewards like stability, security, control and speedy service delivery. No more of the “IT slows everything down”, but instead enabling IT to be the platform for business growth and success. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear “Thank you” instead of “the system is down, again!?!”.

I will be diving into this topic much more deeply at Sirius Madness in March (say I sent you on your registration form). Come check out my session and others on topics like DevOps, Security, Software Defined whatever, and updates from industry leading vendors like VMware, EMC, VCE, and many others. Hope to see you there and bring your notepad so we can define the future of IT. <grin> me </grin>madness2016