There is a bunch of stuff on this exam. I spent some time reading various blogs and technet documents, as well as watching youtube, channel 9 and MVA videos. The hardest part was knowing what to study in ARM and ASM and sadly there really isn’t a good answer as you will need to know both for the exam. I passed the exam with points to spare, so hopefully these resources will help you do the same.spec_impl_azure_infrasol_bw

Below is a list of links that have relevant information for study. There are a bunch more, but I have grouped the study materials first and then some random articles that deal with specific technologies. Most of those are just from my recent Chrome history, and there were pages of them so this is by no means an exhaustive list of what I read. Any time I came across something that I wanted to know more about I just did a quick google search and read the relevant technet/azure documentation articles. I have included some examples in the second list.

Azure 70-533 Study Helpers

Build Azure Blog with links to Videos and articles you should watch. This is from 2015, so some of this has changed on the test, but still a good resource as a good portion of this will be on the exam.

YouTube Series that does a really good job covering each topic. Good work Shawn @ Cloud Ranger!

What’s on the Test

MVA course on IaaS

Random Searches on topics related to study materials