Captured these images from my Nokia Lumia 920. Caught some pretty cool stuff with my phone this year.

The picture of the sunset is from Longwood Gardens. My family and I have a membership there and really enjoy visiting the garden to see the wonders and beauty of God’s creation. If you get a chance to visit the gardens I would highly recommend it. It is very family friendly, with children’s gardens both indoor and outdoor. Bring a towel as there are lots of little water gardens for the kids to play with and they just get wet.

One night when heading in for dinner I captured a picture of a hot-air balloon that flew right over the house at a very low altitude. You can almost see the people in the basket if you look closely.

While visiting Las Vegas for a technical conference, my hotel had a great view of the mountains. They were calling to me all week, unfortunately I did not get a chance to head out and explore.