Writing is proving to be the biggest challenge when it comes to blogging. I talk a lot (probably more than I should), but somehow that doesn’t translate to writing. Distractions are a key part of the issue I’m sure, but that can’t be the only thing. What I really need to do is turn this into a habit.

So, here is day one of the writing challenge. If you have a blog or always wanted a blog, you can take the challenge with me. The idea is simple, form a habit of writing. Every good blogger I know just makes a routine of writing. Some say they can pound out an entire article in 30 minutes, so this can be done with success.

We hear a lot about setting goals, but the difficulty isn’t usually the goals, it is getting to the goals that proves difficult. One of the surest ways to reach your goals is to setup a system that allows you to repeat your successes. With a good (or any) system in place you can begin the process of moving forward and building on your successes.

Now, don’t be scared by the word system. System can be scary, and I find that when I start thinking of a system I immediately launch into every facet and want to build a perfect system from day one. Of course I then get side tracked by some rat hole and run out of time to finish building my system.

Here are three key things to remember when building your system:

  1. Remember Pareto’s Law
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Review your system after a while

Pareto’s law is simple. Like me you have probably failed to build a system at some point and got stuck trying to build it to 100% completion in one sitting. Get it 80% and then start doing it. The last 20% comes in time and in reality will never be complete. Closing the gap on the last 20% will likely not be worth the effort. Get-r-done.

Keep it simple. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with Pareto’s law but I feel it is important to point out.  Look for the simplest effective system. For example, write every day after breakfast, or before bed, or after your workout. Doesn’t matter, but pick a time and do it.

After you have been at it for more than one week review your system to see what tweaks can be made. Make sure you don’t start tweaking after day one though, go at least 7 days to ensure the habit is formed before you start messing around. Maybe you will need to add a review step, or create a follow-up list, something that will get you closer to your goal in a shorter period of time. If the new step doesn’t get you closer to your goal, don’t do it.

That’s it. The challenge is simple. For the next 7 days, write something for your blog at the same time every day. Now, go do it.