The recent news about a several bakeries being under the spotlight for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage highlighted for me the importance of a consistent Christian lifestyle and practice. In several cases, the bakery owners’ refusal to make a cake for this wedding was based on their belief that homosexuality is not good and therefore they cannot make or participate in the celebration of that which God calls sin. However, in the investigation of the case it was discovered that they had, or would, made cakes for things like divorce parties and the news and society were quick to call the owners out for their inconsistent adherence to God’s definition of sin.

While there is a lot of debate about religious liberty and whether religious liberty protects these bakery owners, it was to me a sober reminder to live a consistent Christian life. When news agencies called to have cakes made for a divorce party or a stem cell party, the owners had no issues with those cakes. Divorce is forbidden in the new testament by Jesus where he gives further definition to marriage as one man and one woman, and the apostles under inspiration further define a godly man as one that is married to one woman (ie: no concubines, or multiple wives). Stem cell research is a little more tricky, but most stem cell research is done on the cells of aborted babies, therefore meaning the babies were murdered and then their cells harvested like crops for research. As a Christian both of these are sin, one is a violation of the 7th commandment (you shall not commit adultery), the other a violation of the 6th commandment (you shall not murder).

When the owners accepted requests to make cakes for these other sinful acts, they were in essence saying that they are discriminating against homosexuality as a sin, but other sins are ok. While I am certain they would not say that outright, their actions declared this to be the case, and in a February ruling the courts decided that indeed they must bake the cakes and have discriminated in this instance. And by definition, they have discriminated since they were willing to allow cake baking for some sins but not others.

God does not discriminate. His word is clear on what is and isn’t sin. As Christians we are called to obey all of his commands. Now, I can hear the cynics among us saying why don’t you stone your children then, or practice animal sacrifice, and while it can be difficult to understand old and new covenant theology and practice, there is clear definition of the moral law in the 10 commandments and the teachings of Jesus when he sums up the law in the great commandments ( We are called to keep his commandments and to be examples of the calling to which we were called. This means calling sin sin. Calling sin as God defines it and not as we would like it to be, or think it should be ( Don’t be deceived, the world sees your and my inconsistencies. May it never be that our inconsistencies cause some to stumble and fall away saying, “Christians are a bunch of hypocrites, they say to obey God, but none of them do, so I will not follow them for they are no better than the rest”.

We must ask God to show us our inconsistencies. Pray that he will humble us and allow us to see sin as he sees it. We need, now more than ever, to walk as those who have been saved. We need to be a peculiar people so our hope may be clearly seen and we can testify to the faithfulness of God. May God forgive our transgressions from his law, both in action and in words, and may he grant us the grace needed to obey him now and forever more.

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, to God our Savior, who alone is wise, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever. Amen.