Experienced IT Executive

Rocky Giglio is a leading technical expert in cloud and data center technologies with 20 years of business and technical experience. He has facilitated growth in every organization he has been a member of, including leading efforts to create new lines of business around Microsoft, VMware, EMC, and other technologies spurring growth rates over 100%. His passion and drive are guided by his commitment to integrity and excellence in all he does.

He has assisted global organizations with the architecture and buiding of technology solutions for security, modernization, consolidation and availability using technologies from many leading industry partners. He holds expert level, technical certifications from EMC, Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Dell and others.




Certified on Microsoft Azure, Rocky has worked with many organizations to design and deploy IaaS and PaaS solutions. As an early adopter of cloud methodologies and deployments, he understands the value cloud brings to business and IT.



As one of the most important items on the technology agenda today, Security is a core component of every solution. Rocky has focused on delivering effectice security designs into every project from the early days of his IT career and continues to focus on building sustainable security leveraging infrastructure-as-code and DevOps practices.


Rocky understands the importance of bringing DevOps practices into existing IT shops. Driving success through consistency and automation, he firmly believes that DevOps brings stability, control, security, and speed to IT.

Sales Growth

As a technology enthuist and competent presenter, Rocky combines his deep understanding of technology and business to create and grow consulting practices for some of the fastest growing solutions providers in business today.

A whole new experience

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